Butter Toffee

Rich Butter toffee covered in an assortment of Guittard  Old Dutch Milk and Bittersweet Dark chocolate.   No nuts, no fuss, nothing more is needed for this simple yet indulgent treat.

Bacon Toffee

Rich and delicious buttery toffee with bacon. 

Yes!  You heard correctly, BACON! This sweet and savory treat is sure to please even the most particular palate.  Covered in an assortment of Guittard Old Dutch Milk and Bittersweet Dark chocolate.

Cashew Toffee

Delicious Butter toffee loaded with cashews, hand cut and dipped in Guittard  White Satin chocolate that is lightly laced with organic coconut.

Chai Tea Toffee

Delicious Butter toffee infused with Russian River Tea Company  Masala Chai Tea Blend. Hand cut and dipped in an assortment of Guittard Old Dutch Milk & White Satin chocolate.  Topped with roasted hazelnuts and a ground spice blend for a mouthwatering treat.

Each piece is handmade, right here,

in Healdsburg

Temporarily sold out of Bacon Toffee - Please check back.

Almond Toffee

Rich English toffee packed full of roasted almonds, decadently coated on both sides with Guittard Semi-Sweet chocolate and chopped almonds.


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Gourmet Chocolate

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Espresso Toffee Bark

Bittersweet Dark Guittard chocolate layered with Espresso toffee made with roasted almonds and crushed Espresso beans.


Handcrafted In Small Batches

Chocolate Covered Sea Salts

Pink Himalayan Sea Salt Caramels enrobed in an assortment of Guittard  Old Dutch Milk and Bittersweet Dark chocolate, with an extra sprinkling of salt on top.  In a word...Yum!

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Espresso Toffee

Espresso toffee with roasted almonds and crushed espresso beans, hand cut and dipped in Guittard Bittersweet Dark chocolate, coated with lightly toasted slivered almonds.

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